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6/3/10 02:25 am - Writer's Block: Take me to your leader!

Do you believe in UFOs? Do you have a gut dis/belief or do you rely on empirical proof?
in a way I kindaxwsnna believe. The idea of another life amazes me and I imagine that they are much like us. I think we cannot be the only life in this galaxy however I wouldn't mind proof .

5/30/10 06:38 pm - Writer's Block: Mystery meat

What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? What made it so gross?

crab sticks :s
i doubt if they have even seen a crab

5/25/10 09:37 pm

I've officially done my first year!!!!!!
gosh. its rather exciting.
plus really worrying cse I hope I have done well enough :/
on a nother note, I really need to stop running around. Im always doing three jobs at once :/
theres no reason for me too.
non at all,
then I get annoyed when nobody moves as fast as me.

people are just a pain.

5/20/10 12:33 am - bert McCracken and Wil Francis

here you go my first attempt at some form of fan fiction.

Bert only wanted it to be a show, something on stage, something for the cameras; however his mind had other thoughts on that. For a long time he kidded himself with the notation that it was for fun, it meant nothing. But since his escapade with Gerard, he wondered.
Something was stirred, something completely new a feeling he never had before. His boy kissing moments where well publicized however, he had said time and time again it was only for fun. “Yes” he thought to himself,” Jeph and Quinn where fun, but they are my friends. Friends. Now he, He was different.”
He needed someone else like that; someone else that kept him up all night better than any form of chemical substance he abused his body with. He was still bitter about the whole affair. He sighed quietly so nobody heard and lit up a cigarette, inhaling the addiction with every breath.
“Fuck!” he screamed, looking around for anything to take his mind of his depressing mind set. His feet crunched over a selection of bottles. Empty. Of course.
As he took in the last of the smoky air he looked around him; it was almost morning, almost time to face the world with the madness that he oozed. Nobody knew how much he was hurting and Bert wasn’t about to change all of that. He gazed into the mirror and had the strangest urge to smash it, instead of this he thought of something easier; less painful and quicker to take out his disappointment.
He stubbed out the end of cigarette on his arm while biting his lip in pain. He almost thought nothing of it. It was almost natural. It was almost like that didn’t matter, he was sure he next hit he wouldn’t feel doing it. In a strange way, he liked pain. It was almost a thrill. “I will remember this” he though.
He collapsed on to his bed, still fully clothed, his eyelids closed and he drifted off to sleep quietly wishing he would not wake up, ever again.

1/18/10 11:18 pm

well i have a headache :/
and the worse day ever for stresss ):
at least however i passed  another two assigments
and im not looking forward to my practical assessments next week :S

i hope i don't lose silly marks :/

though i shouldn't worry to much, im a good therapist. its just i want to do amazingly well, i set such high standards for myself, sometimes i think they are unachievable

1/17/10 12:37 am - Writer's Block: Time may change me ...

People often focus on the things they'd love to change about their lives. What parts of your life would you choose to keep exactly the same?

my passions in life.
 and as much as i hate it how nice I am.
I am such a nice person, and more of the world needs to see that. I could be amazing for someone.

1/4/10 11:54 pm

you know what
i don't care.

11/16/09 11:05 pm

Yet another long monday,
good thing i found out what my scores where for my last essay and presentation
in which i did pretty well thanks muchly.
i have come to the conclusion that i have to much on.
something has to give.
not sure what yet. i don't even know how im gonna fit my case studies in :S
at least though i don't have shocking headache. and you know what, i know when i don't get a full treatment.
i do though feel a lot more confident in this aspect of my life.
like standing up infront of a class and talking.
i couldn't do that before.

and also im not gonna allow other peoples methods of trying to learn to ruin my learning. i will have to ask for help where i need it,
people bitching does make me think though; are they doing this to me too?
i don't think they are but its just a thought.
silly paranonia
tommorow will be a waste of a day.
I feel so out of it cse i've done vtct all before. even the health and saftey for ffs.
i really don't need to be there.
i may just ask if i can do work if thats all they are gonna do.
cse its pointless.
i might of well not done all that stuff in college. really :S
ahha well.

11/10/09 10:55 pm - Writer's Block: Famous last words

If you were close to death, what would you choose for your last words? To whom would you want to say them?

 " thanks and never forget me." too?
whoever was there.

11/10/09 10:21 pm

sore ): majorly.
and really glad i don't have do redo all my vtct stuff :) less work for me . yaya.
but does mean next tuesday will be a waste of a day. cse i have nothing to doin the morning and in a&P we can just take some work and go home.
so im only in for my attendance .
got to do my case study assigment this week and start on my case studies.
I really hope i can just blag it D:
afternext week we open the clinic to the public so no more practising ):
I am actually looking forward to that. I can really get stuck it- cse right now im slack.
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